An organization that promotes wellness in all aspects of life. Coaching for Wellness (CFW) was co-created in 2004 by Susan Seidman and Annie Torres, both certified as Master Coaches (MCC) and pioneers in the coaching profession in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Latin America. We are passionate about what we do. We strive to make continuous improvement something real, which allows us to be highly differentiated in the market.

We aim for excellence, facilitating experiences for our clients that inspire their Being to maximize results. We are responsible with our environment and with every person we come into contact with, firmly believing that love is the force that transforms all situations. Our clients are located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Panama.



Our mission is to bring a holistic and empowered mindset to individuals and organizations through the art of transformational coaching.



Our vision is to participate in the evolution of global transformation by bringing the coaching process as a viable path towards the expansion of human awareness resulting in the realization of human potential.




All of our values are built on a foundation of love, which encompasses the higher purpose of our existence as an organization and the reason that underpins our services.



We are an authentic organization that respects the authenticity of each person, aspect that we honor by celebrating each individual as a unique being.



We seek permanent balance between our ideals, actions and way of life, that allows us to approach the world with integrity, modeling what we teach and inspiring each person.



Since the coaching experience gives us the opportunity to facilitate in transforming lives, there is a presence of gratitude in all we do.



It is the engine that drives our behaviors, linking our higher purpose to the life project of each person who comes into contact with us, which inspires them and leaves a mark on us all.



Our most important goal is to create a loving atmosphere of trust, honesty, and confidentiality for our clients and colleagues.



Claudia, Colombia
I recommend the program because Coaching is a lifestyle that permanently keeps you growing. Also, most importantly for my life, I count on tools, intuition, and wisdom to approach my children, my husband, my family, my friends and acquaintances; respecting their points of view, feelings, individuality, and permitting a mutual growth because we are all teachers.
Cecilia, Perú
…it has helped me to open my heart, to look at situations, people, etc., without prejudice, with compassion and humility. This truly makes me happier.
Ciro, Colombia
Thanks to this process, I understood the real essence of leadership and transformational Coaching. …six more colleagues [certified], which lead to excellent strategic, tactical and operational results.
Lisa, Puerto Rico
Completing this Coaching certification has meant much more that acquiring certain professional skills; it has been an awakening to the life that I want and can have.
Carmen Helena, Colombia
The essential lesson of this life process, that is coaching, has been the possibility of having a holistic perspective of the world and elevated level of consciousness. One learns to have awareness of “being one with the world”.
Anamer, Puerto Rico
Coaching gave me a powerful tool to rediscover myself as a new person, confident, aware and conscious of my complete potential and willing to succeed in all of my life projects.
Ana Victoria, Colombia
Having had the possibility of living my process with Coaching For Wellness is the greatest gift that life has given me. As a Business and Life Coach, today I see that I am wholeheartedly committed to BEING a human being.
Rocío, Colombia
[The most essential thing that I received from this experience] is an awakening, rebirth, and openness to understand one self and others.
César, Colombia
I recommend Coaching because it goes beyond a simple mental conceptualization and enters into the enchantment and magic of life; because it revitalizes and recreates human relationships, within a universal language of connection with life, with the moment, and the authentic, committed, and vital self.
Ricardo, Colombia
The process has served me by moving many internal aspects, and best of all, by applying this transformation to the development of my career as a business consultant.