Is STRESS wreaking havoc in your personal/professional life?
Looking for calm in the chaos?
Find it in OASIS.

Learn the OASIS 60-second Strategies for a happier, healthier way of living Find balance and enjoyment today

Susan Seidman is a Certified Oasis Trainer who offers in-person and online Training Programs in English and Spanish.

The Oasis 60-second Strategies are a Jumpstart Sanity Kit for all walks of life.

  • Four proven strategies to change your brain and your life in less than a minute.
  • They are simple, practical and easy-to-learn daily strategies.
  • They honestly do take only 60 seconds each.
  • They’re a fast track to re-wiring your brain from chaos to calm.
  • Practical Mindfulness tools to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.


The OASIS 60-second Strategies teach you how to ride life’s small waves and large tsunamis to enjoy greater health and happiness in your life.

Learn how to use the neuroplasticity of your own brain.

Become the CEO of your own life.

The essence of OASIS is not to eliminate stress. Rather, it is to help us interact consciously – and with clarity – with what is on our plate.

We all have stress. The good news: we do not need to be helpless victims to it. How we respond to stress makes all the difference.

WHY WAIT? Give yourself an OASIS now!

This course also offers the following CCEUs for coaches:

  • Core Competencies – 7.38 hours
  • Resource Development – 4.62 hours


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